Point Blank

Track-inspired frame turns the city into a velodrome.

Point Blank Bike

Back to the track. A track-inspired redesign, this city scalper is tougher and meaner than any bike you’ll ever know. Get ready to terrorise the metro frontline as you kick past any obstacle stupid enough to stand in your way.

Stock up just how you like it with 3 different cranks on the menu. From the Primato, Pistard 2.0, or Pistard Air, they’re all built for smoother and lazier pedalling, so the only hard work is picking your style. You can also upgrade the alloy forks to premium carbon, a gift for the speed-addicts or laggers who were born to be late.

Choose from 3 different wheelsets, all as flashy as they are functional. There’s the trusted Mango setup, drilled with miles of hardcore testing, or take control with Miche Xpress, the peak of Italian labour. For a statement of style, go harder with the Mango 3-spoke, our head-turning, road-burning, ego-boosting masterpiece – the closest we’ve come to ‘reinventing the wheel’. You can even mix and match for the perfect duo, like soulmates in a happy marriage.

A brush for the urban canvas, the Point Blank is a serious weapon for every stand-off. Whether you’re the discerning commuter, in-the-know courier or serious racer, mark your territory with a bike that screams for action.

And because it’s a Mango, it’ll leave the sweet taste of a value-packed, killer deal in your mouth.

Red Bull, Nike SB and Skate Cafe skateboarder Korahn Gayle

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