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  • No Next Day Dispatch Available

    Here's why we (happily) don't do next day dispatch on bikes..... We get lots of advice from the "EXPERTS" on what we "NEED" to be doing to make Mango Bikes a slick eCommerce machine.   And, of course, how their "small" fee will be paid back in somewhere between 7 nanoseconds to next Thursday. From the [...] Continue Reading
  • Mango Bike Spotting in Edinburgh

    Clothing designers people watch from neck to ankle, plane spotters never look down and I am generally found walking into lamposts/letterboxes/5 year olds in the quest to check out every bike I see. And so, last weekend, Edinburgh was on the bike spotting list.  We've dispatched quite a few bikes to the EH postcodes over [...] Continue Reading
  • The Mango Masterplan & Design Process – New Bike Day

      The process of designing a bike (at Mango Bikes anyway) goes pretty much like this…………….     The reasons or motivations to go through this………….. intricate…………… process are endless but at Mango Bikes, we’ve got some rules we (at least try to) stick to (most of the time) when deciding on new bike additions. It’s what [...] Continue Reading
  • The [Re]Startup Business – 1 Year Old

    Some animals hibernate as part of their winter routine, but it seems my blogging took a summer siesta.  I didn’t forget, it was a choc-a-block busy period (good problem) and I just hoped it would write itself (unlikely solution). In 2017 Mango hit a bump, like those potholes that send you head-over-handlebars. It was a […]

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  • The Gus: It Rocks, He Rocks, So Does He – The Weekly Blog

    I’ve got 3 parasitic little bundles of joy (kids) who are generally a lot of fun. Generally. Angus, the eldest and only boy, is 5 years old and my number 1 hero.  He enjoys lots of stuff but his 3 main aims in life involve building Lego, riding a bike and having fun.  What a […]

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  • When is an OG not an OG? And other such mess ups – The Weekly Blog

    OK, so it took until the 3rd week for me to miss a “weekly” blog.  As previously declared, I’m an optimist so…………at least it wasn’t after the first week.  Honestly, we’ve been flat out keeping up with orders, dealing with customers queries and trying to plan for the future.  None of which I’m complaining about, […]

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  • Bike Pricing, Discounts and Offers – The Weekly Blog

    I’ve always been great at coming up with ideas and plans (thankfully most of them stayed in my head and never passed my lips) but I may also have been guilty of starting plenty of “projects” that weren’t quite seen through to completion.  As my brother once said, when I get an idea about something […]

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  • :::VIDEO::: Mango Bikes – “Live Again”

    Got relaunched, dealt with a whole plethora of problems, finally got ourselves organised (kind of anyway) and decided to make a short film. We don't take ourselves to seriously at Mango Bikes and had some fun making this piece.  Enjoy! Continue Reading
  • The Weekly Blog (after 3 months)

    Yeeha, 3 months down and (hopefully) many more to go. Well, 3 months down since the reincarnated Mango Bikes took its first orders (admittedly placed by me) and officially relaunched.  NB.  Those were test orders to check payments could be taken, we’ve had other orders, from people I don’t know, since then! I promised I’d […]

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  • We Are Back

    Mango Bikes are back in 2018 – under new ownership. Andrew Hassard has taken over the brand and is looking forward to rebuilding the Mango reputation for excellent bikes and service. Andrew was recently interviewed by Bike Biz and this will let you know in some detail what is happening. During the year we will […]

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