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At some stage, people will probably stop listening to me about this, but for now, nearly everyone seems interested.

Mango is a brand that was born out of getting from student digs to university when Ben and Jezz wanted to get there quicker without paying for buses, trams or taxies.  Even as the range developed and new bikes were added they still weren’t overly technical and definitely not presented or sold as such.

Yes, there were road bikes and disc road bikes but they were sold based on an intended environment to use them, and the best value for money.

I’ll hold my hands up and happily admit to having done plenty of long-distance and ultra-endurance events (running, swimming, cycling and, when I realised wasn’t good at any, triathlon) but it was never about the gear and, as I learnt along the way, was never about the finish line.  It never brings satisfaction anywhere close to the journey along the way.

(NB.  Bruce Springsteen could write a new verse in “Glory Days” based on my previous achievements.  If you so desire, let me know and I’ll tell all another time but for now

Where do I see Mango Bikes going?

We’ll be steering Mango back to its roots and rebuilding based on Urban and Recreational cycling.  Ask a “proper” cyclist what bike they’ve got and you’ll likely get an answer somewhere along the lines of:

“[Insert Brand Name]…. SLR …. 2.0 …. Di2 …. with [Insert Brand Name] wheels …. etc …. etc”

Ask a Mango Bike rider what bike they ride and the answer more times than not will be:

“A Mango Bike”

And that’s exactly what we want.  It’s bikes