• :::VIDEO::: Mango Bikes – “Live Again”

    Got relaunched, dealt with a whole plethora of problems, finally got ourselves organised (kind of anyway) and decided to make a short film. We don't take ourselves to seriously at Mango Bikes and had some fun making this piece.  Enjoy! Continue Reading
  • The Weekly Blog (after 3 months)

    Yeeha, 3 months down and (hopefully) many more to go. Well, 3 months down since the reincarnated Mango Bikes took its first orders (admittedly placed by me) and officially relaunched.  NB.  Those were test orders to check payments could be taken, we’ve had other orders, from people I don’t know, since then! I promised I’d […]

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  • We Are Back

    Mango Bikes are back in 2018 – under new ownership. Andrew Hassard has taken over the brand and is looking forward to rebuilding the Mango reputation for excellent bikes and service. Andrew was recently interviewed by Bike Biz and this will let you know in some detail what is happening. During the year we will […]

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  • Bananas, Shooting Arrows & Satay

    Each week we’ll pull together our favourite finds from the world of music, video, food, drink, art and beyond. Pass it on and share 3 Things with your pals. 'NERFTASTIC' THING TO WATCH ‘Dude Perfect’ is a youtube channel that posts videos full of laughter, fun and activity. Their most recent video is ‘Nerf Bow Trick [...] Continue Reading

    Mango is moving to a new home in Sheffield! We have loved our time in Cirencester but all good things come to an end and we are so excited to continue our Journey at our new home in the Steel City. We wanted to relocate to a friendly, vibrant city and Sheffield was the answer. […]

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  • Mango Bikes rider Angus cycles over 1,300 miles for charity

    We recently heard from Duncan via Instagram about how his younger brother is cycling across Vietnam for charity on a Point R. Angus Balloch and Joe Lever are cycling over 1,300 miles across Vietnam for Winston's Wish Foundation. Starting at Ho Chi Minh on the 17th June, the boys are well on their way to the [...] Continue Reading
  • 6 Tips to Help You Prepare for City Cycling

    1. Safety first! It's essential to wear a helmet when regularly cycling in the city (or anywhere really for that matter), it's simply not worth taking risks. You may also see seasoned commuters wearing facemasks to deal with the inevitable pollution of the city. For people who suffer asthma, heart conditions or respiratory issues, a [...] Continue Reading
  • Free UK Shipping & The EasyRide Box

    From today, every mainland UK bike order will receive our EasyRide box as standard. It's a big box, but one that gets you out on your Mango much quicker. Watch this short video to see how easy it is: Getting started: Cut the straps holding the box together from the outside and remove the pedal box Lift [...] Continue Reading
  • Our Favourites This Week

    We're in for another warm week here in the UK. Summer is on the horizon and our boardies are ready for a trip to the lakes. Before we fill up the Portland's basket with beers and head out the door, check out our favourite content from the past week. The track we've played the most Punctual are [...] Continue Reading
  • How to choose your perfect commuter bike

    The ideal bike for your urban commute will depend on the distance you need to travel, the surfaces you'll be travelling on, your budget, and your personal taste. Here at Mango Bikes we cater towards city cycling, it's where we started and primarily where we ride. There are also literally thousands and thousands of Mango riders that use their bike [...] Continue Reading