• Limited Edition Single Speed – Langland

    Today we’re launching a long anticipated model.  A limited run of polished kit Single Speeds: Langland. Not jumping on the band wagon, we have taken our time with this style. Simply replicating a look isn’t our way. We have tinkered and tested the polished silver look and are so excited to launch this limited run. […]

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  • Battling the exchange rate

    Friends and followers, Our prices have gone up. Not by much, but by as much as we need them to. By designing, assembling and selling in house we make significant cost savings and since day one our aim has been to pass on as much of this saving to you. From June we’ve seen the […]

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  • Point AR 105 – Tune Up

    This week Point AR that takes the lime light. A rightful tune up for the revered adventure bike. Along with it’s sister model the Point R, Point AR has been upgraded to full 105. This is shocking news for its competitors as the model has consistently out  performing the competition. Reviewed best in test by Grit […]

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  • Point R 105 – Face Lift

    New from Mango Bikes, a tuneup for our flagship road bike, Point R 105. Working tirelessly to improve the customer journey and product offering today, Mango Bikes, your favourite direct to consumer bike brand, are offering more reasons than to ride than ever. More reasons to ride that triathlon, more reasons ride with your mates, [...] Continue Reading
  • London Cycle Theft Survey 2016 – Win a Point AR

    London Cycle Theft Survey 2016 Launched - Win a Point AR Stolen Ride and London Cycling Campaign have launched a new London Cycling Theft Survey today that looks at the behaviour and experiences of London Cyclists in relation to cycle crime. Click here to fill out the short survey and be in with the chance [...] Continue Reading
  • My Story

    My Story Who's got a story to tell? We are searching for Mango Bikes riders out there with exciting profiles. What sort of riding are you doing? We want to hear about the weekend rider, the messengers, Deliveroo riders, triathletes, hell Olympians if we've got any out there. We want to hear from all of you. [...] Continue Reading
  • Rory Kemper – LIVE Transcontinental Updates

    Click here to view Rory's progress live on the map The Transcontinental Race 4 is an unsupported solo bike race starting in Belgium and finishing in Turkey covering 2600 miles. You can follow Rory's live social updates below, or click the link above to view him live on the map! If you'd like to learn [...] Continue Reading
  • How To Correctly Fit Your Pedals

    So you’ve just got your new Mango bike or decided to upgrade the pedals, maybe it's even the case that you're building a bike from scratch, therefore you are going to need to know how to fit the pedals correctly. For some reason pedals seem to be the place where a lot of people go wrong, which can cause some costly [...] Continue Reading
  • Mango Bikes Transcontinental Rider-The Interview

    Rory Kemper our “Bearded Wonder” - The Interview As much of you will have noticed over the last 8-10 months we have been supporting and collaborating with a good mix of athletes and customers. Perhaps our most familiar of which is Rory Kemper, our “Bearded Wonder”. Rory came to us as a long standing Mango customer [...] Continue Reading
  • After work lake jumps!

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