• How to assemble a Mango Bike

    Assembling a Mango Bike is easier than you think. We've been around for a while now, over four years in fact, but buying a bike online is still a very new process to a lot of people. One concern that we hear is "I've never built a bike, I'm not sure I'll be able to do this!"—well we're [...] Continue Reading
  • 2016 MR PORTER London Nocturne

    Chris Lawless and Alice Barnes win the 2016 MR PORTER London Nocturne, with Alec Briggs leading the Mango Bikes Criterium. The weekend may be over but we're still on a high after attending the 10th annual MR PORTER London Nocturne event. There were 9 races overall which, for anyone that hasn't attended a London Nocturne, include some fantastically entertaining laps. These [...] Continue Reading
  • Mango Bikes Showroom Point Blank Showroom now open

    Our flagship showroom is now open!   Monday–Friday 9am–5.30pm Saturday–Sunday by appointment   Continue Reading
  • Introducing Point AR Introducing Point AR

    Our brand new Point AR model opens up new trails and new fun for you. Designed to cover everything from potholed city tarmac, rough country roads, canal paths and short cuts through the woods, the Point AR and FR copes brilliantly with everything and leaves you to enjoy the ride more than ever before. An all-road, [...] Continue Reading
  • Poole 2 Prague Finish Poole 2 Prague For Under £430

    Words from Pete Gordon, Mango Bikes Marketing Manager and P2P Rider. Around 2 weeks ago me and my uni friend Sam slammed on our brakes having just rolled over our finish line - the Charles Bridge in Prague.  An immensely satisfying feeling given 4 days prior I personally doubted our ability and feared for the [...] Continue Reading
  • Poole 2 Prague Map Pete and Sam cycle from Poole to Prague on the new Point R road bike

    Alongside the launch of the Mango Bikes Point R, our performance road bike, two of the keenest/maddest cyclists in the company Pete Gordon and Sam Crossley are setting out on an epic ride across Europe to test the bikes and themselves. Cycling 1,500km across England, France, Belgium, Germany and finally the Czech Republic. They have [...] Continue Reading
  • How Point R came to be.

    We sat down for a quick chat with our new product manager and designer, Brant Richards, and chatted about where our new Point R range came from... Mango Bikes’ Point R road bike is the first production bike I've done since I left my last employers at the end of June last year. I've been working [...] Continue Reading
  • Point R Road.CC Point R Road Bike Gets Thumbs Up From Road.cc

    You may have noticed our awesome Point R road bike we launched last week. It's already getting loads of attention in the industry, with all the major magazines wanting a piece of it. Check out the latest review from Road.cc here. Continue Reading
  • Ladies Classic Girl The New Stylish Ladies Classic From Mango Bikes

    A traditional British bike for the modern girl about town. After months of design ideas we have chosen a simple yet stylish frame design for a bike that ticks all the boxes and at an unbelievable price. The Ladies Classic is all about two things: comfort and style! Featuring sleek, slim steel tubing known for [...] Continue Reading
  • Bike Lock Protect Your Mango Bike

    What can you do to protect your Mango Bike? You spent hours designing it, we spent days carefully building it, now take two minutes to protect your beloved Mango Bike!!  Bike theft is a real problem in the UK and refuses to go away! Complete the following steps and you and your mango bike stand [...] Continue Reading