• Bike Lock Protect Your Mango Bike

    What can you do to protect your Mango Bike? You spent hours designing it, we spent days carefully building it, now take two minutes to protect your beloved Mango Bike!!  Bike theft is a real problem in the UK and refuses to go away! Complete the following steps and you and your mango bike stand [...] Continue Reading
  • Mango Bikes Chile Customer Best Value Single Speed On The Market

    That's what Bike Radar and Urban Cyclist reckon anyway. Mango Bikes has the best value single speed out there! Today’s blog is here to help us back up that claim with a few facts. Since starting out in 2012 we have prided ourselves on providing a great quality bike without the price tag. Other brands [...] Continue Reading
  • Mango Bikes Chile Deconstructed Assembling your Mango Bike

    As you probably know, something we’re very proud of is the fact that we assemble all of our bikes by hand, right here at MBHQ in the Cotswolds. We don’t really talk about it as much as we should, so in this blog I wanted to explain why we do it this way and the [...] Continue Reading
  • Bike Maintenance Top 10 Maintenance Tips

    While cycling can be fun, you need to ensure your bike is well looked after on a regular basis. Standard maintenance tips and tricks will not only keep the bike in good condition, but its lifespan can be dramatically extended. Thankfully, the majority of these techniques are quite easy. Here are our top ten tips [...] Continue Reading