Battling the exchange rate

26th Mar 2021

Friends and followers,

Our prices have gone up. Not by much, but by as much as we need them to.
By designing, assembling and selling in house we make significant cost savings and since day one our aim has been to pass on as much of this saving to you.

From June we’ve seen the pound getting weaker. This has hit our costs by as much as 20% and we’ve absorbed as much of this as possible. But in order to stay alive we’ve had to increase our prices. We’re still awesome value for money and our products still feature details not seen on bikes until much higher price points. We have not and will not downgrade and cut corners in quality. We don’t want to and you wouldn’t want us to.

You’re seeing the price rise now because the products we’re selling and the bikes we’re now building are costing us more.
Frustratingly, highstreet retailers and the “big brands” may be managing to keep their prices the same for now. But our business models are different. Theirs are built around holding stock for a long period at high prices, only to slash the prices at the end of the “season”, whatever that means. But their prices will jump up sometime soon to, likely by more than ours.

We’re committed to the long term and we’re confident that when the effects of the exchange rate trickle through to other manufacturers we’ll be even better value than ever before.