Cycling Helmets

A subject of controversy among many…we just want you to enjoy the ride and protect yourself. Even if you think you’ve got your road riding under control, you can’t predict how everyone else will behave on the road. We offer a range of lightweight and comfortable helmets for all.

Simply speaking, helmets save you in two ways. The first is that they protect you from direct impact with robust outer shells. It is standard for this shell to crack upon a big impact as it dissipates the force of impact and they’re designed to do this. Secondly, the soft inner liner and high-density expanding foam reduce the sudden deceleration upon impact, protecting your head from high g forces and helping to avoid a nasty headache.

To find the right size you’ll need to measure your head. Take a tape measure (or non-elastic string) and measure around the largest part of your head. This is about an inch above your eyebrows and passes just above your temples. Measure a few times and take an average to be sure. Really, the helmet should be as snug as possible without being uncomfortable.

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