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Knog Frog Strobe Front Light



This affordable little light is great to use in lit areas, such as town and city streets, to improve your visibility to other road users, but is also great to attach to helmets and clothing to increase your visibility in less well lit areas such as windy country lanes. With 80 hrs (flashing) or 50 hrs (steady) the risk of you getting half way home and your light suddenly going out is greatly reduced, meaning this is one of the most reliable little lights on the market. This Hi Powered water-resistant surface mounted LED strobe light provides the user with 4 modes: 1. Strobe 2. DISCO Strobe 3. Strobe Pulse 4. Constant. Not only does this nifty light provide you with up to 600m of visibility but it is easily attached and removed using the integrated clipping feature and quick-release mounting. Here at Mango we make sure we don’t leave the house without one of these little beauties either attached to the handlebar or our helmets, for that extra visibility during the dark winter nights.


  • 4 light modes: Constant, Strobe flash, Fast flash, Random Strobe
  • Light is visible at distances of over 600 metres
  • x2 CR2032 Coin cell Lithium batteries (included)
  • Toolless attachment for quick release mounting & unmounting
  • Designed and engineered to withstand the harshest of weather conditions


Knog is a globally recognised brand originating from Melbourne, Australia. Over the last 10 years they have spread to over 45 countries, and this isn’t down to fluke. Their creative designs and innovative technology produces exceptional products that you can really rely on. Here at Mango Bikes we love Knog, and we’re not the only ones. They have won 37 international design awards and we think it is easy to see why.