Clearance SS22 #018 - Custom Single Speed - Small

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Time to clear out a few bikes we've gathered up.

These bikes have been used for demos and test rides or might be customer returns. Very little (or no) mileage and will be serviced and checked by Cytech qualified mechanics before dispatching.

Sold as seen in the pictures, we’ll highlight any issues and give you peace of mind with 3 months warranty (but the bikes will last for years).
Bikes delivered 90% assembled and pedals also included.

We’d let our family ride these bikes.

Good as new Single Speed!  Fab bike, fab price.
Unused customer bike, fully serviced and ready to go.


Quality, simple, stylish and great value sums up the Original Single Speed. Since launching, the Original Single Speed has taken the single speed/fixie market by storm and is probably the most popular fixed gear bike out there. Industry gurus love it, with top reviews from Bike Radar & Urban Cyclist scoring it a healthy nine out of ten in their fifty bike test and review. It’s also been awarded the badge of “best value urban bike” which, when you admire the quality you get for the modest price tag, you’ll understand why.



We’re so proud of our embroidered saddle that we fit it on the majority of our bikes. No need to worry about getting a numb bum. 


46/18 gearing is the perfect blend of acceleration and top speed. We spent forever finding the right combination – this is it.


4 bar options to suit your style. Riser for the best handling, bullhorns for attacking at pacE, drop bars for covering distance or cruiser for an extra comfortable position. 


Smooth, fast-rolling alloy hubs that stay quick for much longer, regardless of the weather. Easy to maintain for hassle-free riding.



Single speed or fixie?

All of our Original Single Speed bikes come with a flip-flop rear hub, allowing you to ride both freewheel and fixed. Freewheel allows you to coast, pedalling only when you want to just like any other bike you’re used to.

Riding fixed means just that—if the wheels are moving then so are the cranks and your legs, offering an unparalleled connected experience. We fit brakes as standard on every bike we build, so you’ll be able to stop no matter how you choose to ride.


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