From little seeds, great Mango bikes grow.

In the immortal words of Freddie Mercury, “Get on your bike and ride!”.

That sums us up at Mango. We’re all about getting bums on seats and feet to pedals. No prior knowledge or uncomfortable lycra wedgies necessary.

Our warehouse is in the UK (Ballyclare, Northern Ireland) where we make and spray every bike to order before sending them out ready for you to ride off into the sunset. Or to work, whatever inflates your tyres. We know what you’re thinking though, “oh no, that sounds expensive!”.

Well, it isn’t.

Mango was originally created by two students who were sick to the back wheels of the clunky-geared manufacturing and distribution process in the cycling industry. So instead of filling their time with beer pong and daytime telly, they set to work cutting out the middleman, making bikes and selling directly to regular people like you.

And that’s how we ended up making no-nonsense, affordable custom bikes. It’s in our DNA.

Mango Bikes - Not Your Cheap Ride.jpg