Your cycling pleasure has arrived

The DO.GG takes all the best bits, none of the wick stuff, adds in a few new lovely things and out rolls a bike made to play.

Feeling excited now?  That's how you'll feel every time you jump on, pedal off and ride happy!
The light, comfortable steel frame, hand welded into a natural riding position is paired with 9 speed gears and hydraulic disc brakes.

Watch your friends (and enemies) turn green with envy and fall in love with your new Mano DO.GG

Ride more. Smile more. Be more.


Numb bum no more

No need to worry about hitting a bum note. We fit our embroidered saddle to the majority of our bikes, we’re that confident in their comfort.


Stop & Go in style

FSA-Microshift 9 speed gears, Clarks Hydraulic Disc brakes.  Push on as gently or fast as you wish, stop with ease. Skids optional! 


Bar Options

With riser, flat and cruiser all available you can sit up, look round and enjoy the pedal wherever you go. Can’t choose which? Keep scrolling…



Steel flexes just the right amount. The steel frame and fork help take the shock out of bumps in the road, creating a smoother ride.



Take your pick, or why not design your own?