Out of nowhere a little gem

The Moosher with gears, the OG with Moosher frame.

It’s the Pooch!

It’s a new twist on tried, tested and loved bikes already in the range.

The Pooch allows you to conquer more demanding gradients with ease. The compliant steel frame, hand-welded into a natural riding position, is coupled with FSA and Box4 gears. This results in a super comfortable, valued packed, geared bike. Go further.

Numb bum no more

No need to worry about hitting a bum note.

We fit our embroidered saddle to the majority of our bikes, we’re that confident in their comfort.


8 Gears

FSA Vero single ring crankset and Box4 cassette.  A blend of top quality shifting, wide range of gears and simple 8 speed system.


Bar Options

Riser, Drop or cruiser allow the ride to be tailored to you and your riding style.

Can’t choose which? Keep scrolling…



Steel flexes just the right amount. The steel frame and fork help take the shock out of bumps in the road, creating a smoother ride.



Take your pick, or why not design your own?