Hiplok POP Wearable Bicycle Cable Lock



Sometimes the most elegant and beautiful things in life are the most simple – Hiplok POP was conceived with this in mind. Hiplok set themselves the task of designing a wearable bike lock that was accessible to a wider audience, and after a long period of research and development, the POP was born. POP’s unique, patent pending fastening system allows almost infinite waist sizing and adjustability, while the efficient and quick push-key mechanism makes locking up your bicycle a breeze. Perfect as a primary lock in low risk areas, or as an incredibly convenient secondary lock for higher risk use, the POP couldn’t be easier to use. Simply put the wrap around your waist, POP the two ends onto the cable at the desired size, and you’re all set.


  • Wearable cable lock with unique clip system
  • Lock type – Cable lock
  • Security level – Low risk
  • Locking size – 1.3m locking diameter
  • Sizing – Waist sizes 24″- 42″
  • Weight – 400 grams
  • Keys – 3 included
  • Materials – 10mm plastic coated steel cable


Hiplok has been designed and developed by John Abrahams and Benjamin Smith. Both John and Ben are qualified Industrial Designers who have a wealth of experience in developing bicycle, transportation, and consumer products for international brands. When John and Ben came up with the idea of Hiplok, they were so excited by the concept and by early prototypes that they decided to create a company in order to bring Hiplok to life. This company is called Plus 8 Industries Ltd. Plus 8 Industries is committed to creating products that are smart and easy to use due to their simplicity and elegant design. Hiplok is the result of countless prototypes, test sessions and reviews which took place to ensure that we bring a secure, durable, and well engineered product to our customers. Hiplok has been born out of a passion for riding bikes, both for fun and for transportation. This is a passion shared by everybody at Hiplok HQ. All Hiploks are designed with the rider in mind. What that means is a secure great looking product that people want to take with them.