WTB Freedom Roadrunner 700x25c Tyre



Fast rolling 700c x 25c WTB road bike tyre. Suitable for Mango Bikes and other brands. Please note the price stated is per tyre, if you'd like a set please add two when in the basket.

The WTB Tyre is a great all-purpose road bike tyre, suitable for wet weather commuting and performance sport cycling. It gives a trusting grip when cornering in all conditions and has a low rolling resistance when accelerating.

Brief overview:

  • Quality WTB 25c road bike tyre
  • Suitable for 700c wheels
  • Made from a high grade WTB rubber
  • All-purpose design
  • Lots of grip while still offering low rolling resistance
  • Fits Mango Bikes and all other brands

About the Kenda Brand:

WTB is one of the largest tyre brands in the world. They make everything from bike tyres and tubes to car tyres. Quality is their main priority, with every WTB product being tested over and over again before being put to market. Mango Bikes is a big fan of WTB tyres and tubes, this is why all of our bikes come fitted as standard with them.

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