Veetire x Mango Bikes Rolldiac Tyre

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Fast rolling, puncture resistant road bike tyre. Suitable for Mango Bikes and other brands.

We couldn't find a quality tyre that did what we wanted it to do, was available in all the colours we want and didn't cost a fortune. 

So we made our own with one of the best manufacturers in the world.


B-Proof - Puncture protection without added weight.  Extra layer of high strength rubber below the tyre surface for piece of mind.



Continuum Compound - Provides a nice mix of durability, low rolling resistance and grip all year round.



Synthesis - Advanced fibre weave that improves performance and appearance.


Brief overview:

  • Comfortable and reliable bicycle tyre
  • Suitable for 700c wheels
  • Made from a high grade continuum compound
  • 180/3 TPI
  • Fits Mango Bikes and all other brands

About the Veetire Brand:

Veetire are one of the world's leading tyre brands with almost 50 years designing and manufacturing for motorcycles, cars, ATV, agricultural and of course.................bicycles.

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