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    Knog Blinder Bike Light Set - Bike Light Set - Mango Bikes

    Knog Blinder Mini Bicycle Lightset

    Big things come in small packages, and that is no different with the new Blinder Mini Twin Pack lights. Using new COB technology, the Blinder Minis produce a punchy 50 and 30 lumens for the front and rear lights respectively, that will ensure...

    Was: £52.99
    Now: £44.99
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    Knog Plug Light Twinpack - Black

    Knog Plug Light Twinpack

    Plug Twinpack is a set of bike lights for every-day, for every ride, for everybody. With an output of 250 lumens of light from the front and 10 lumens from the rear, the Plug light is perfect for every occasion.   Increased Side...

    Was: £49.99
    Now: £39.99
  • Beryl Burner Brake - Rear Bicycle Light

    Beryl Burner Brake - Rear Bicycle Light

    Burner Brake can detect when you slow down, accurately warning other road users that you are putting your brakes on by intensifying the light. The light is waterproof, reaches 200 lumens at peak brightness, has Day Flash mode to keep you extra safe,.…

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