Simply the best

Not only do cycling purists and urban riders love its simplicity and value for money, but so do industry gurus with Bike Radar & Urban Cyclist scoring it 9/10 in their fifty bike test and review.

All our Single Speed and fixie bikes come with a flip-flop rear hub. What’s that? You can decide whether to ride freewheel or fixed. With fixed riding, if the wheels are moving then so are your legs, connecting you with every pedal of the journey. Freewheel means the freedom to coast down hills with feet akimbo screeching ‘weeeeeee!’ Don’t worry, we fit brakes to every bike we build so you’ll be able to stop at the bottom.

Numb bum no more

No need to worry about hitting a bum note. We fit our embroidered saddle to the majority of our bikes, we’re that confident in their comfort.


The perfect gear

We spent forever working on the ultimate blend between acceleration and top speed and, by Jove, with 46/18 gearing we got it! 


Get a handle on things

Riser for the best handling, bullhorns for attacking at pace and drop bars for covering distance – choose handlebars to suit your style. 


Find your bearings

Easy maintenance = hassle-free riding. Our sealed wheel bearings stay quicker for much longer, whatever the weather. 


Original Single Speed RANGE

Take your pick, or why not design your own?