Cranky Thoughts: Vol8

Cranky Thoughts: Vol8

Posted by HasWords on 19th Oct 2022

As most of my good intentions go (or don’t go), I meant Cranky Thoughts to be a weekly-ish spouting of what’s happening at HQ and some kind of interaction for anyone to ask Q’s and find out more about Mango Bikes.

Then, somehow, July became mid-October.

Ooops. Good intentions and all that.

Been busy you see…

It’s a total and utter mess out there right now. Seems like every time you think, “oh, it’ll not get any worse”… along comes another hammer blow.

Still, there’s always bikes.

We finally launched the first Mango eBike. One of those stories that kind of goes on too long, lots of bumps, jumps and WTF-I-give-up-This-is-never-going-to-happen moments.

I guess being a bit pig-headed and plenty stoopid has occasional benefits. Like keeping going when stopping may have been wiser.

So finally, finally, finally…Hello Dee.Dee (18+ months later than expected)

We loved it before it launched, fell out with it for about a year trying to get launched and now seems some of you like it too.

Genuinely, 5 years later every sale still makes us smile and is appreciated. I hope we never lose this.

What next?

  • Dee.Dee has a friend due imminently…
  • You may have seen some photos of the new disc brake bike too. Another classic whataboutflaffery-whensthisevergoingtolaunch story that’s near to fruition…
  • Can’t tell you just yet. Tell you very soon. Excited. Maybe see a Mango or two instore…

As always we’re here to help if you need it. The Mango Bike Finder went live recently and has been a mahoosive help to guide and advise on bike options.

Better go and make sure the bins are compacted.

Ciao for now

Mango Bikes // Andrew