Our Favourites This Week

26th Mar 2021

We’re in for another warm week here in the UK. Summer is on the horizon and our boardies are ready for a trip to the lakes. Before we fill up the Portland’s basket with beers and head out the door, check out our favourite content from the past week.

The track we’ve played the most

Punctual are Bristol musicians Will Lansley and John Morgan, whose new single “What I Love” has already been given some love by Zane Lowe. We love Fix, and you will too.

The video that was shared around

We’re not really sure why Eduard Nikolaev decided to launch this huge Russian truck over a snow jump, or who edited it all, but we’re glad it happened.

Our favourite snack

There are many ways to eat these sugary little demons; Matt insists that warming it over a cup of tea is the way to do it. I prefer to just go straight for the kill and work with volume instead of technique. Either way, the dogs of the office have been watching the whereabouts of these very carefully.

Artist to follow

Fanakapan is a London based artist who has absolutely mastered the technique of spraying hyperrealistic metallic helium balloon lettering and characters. Give him a corner to work with and he’ll give you another dimension.

Our favourites from #MangoBikes

Instagram pics by @ryan.libbey, @tatgancheva, @samtaylorphotos,, @0wan4wan, @mstjernlof

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