2021 Here We Go…………..

2021 Here We Go…………..

24th Feb 2021

2021 is looking like it’s going to be as much of a melter for the bike industry as 2020.

The demand for bikes is still high.

As governments realise investing in infrastructure for cycling is well worth the return, commuters look for alternatives to cars, buses and trains and we all just want to get out and do a bit of fun exercise, bikes are a wonderful bit of kit.
(Even with our massive bias thrown in)

The problem is 2020 swamped the manufacturers who supply the bike industry and a few key suppliers haven’t been able to keep up.

We’ve got pretty decent orders in place but still seeing delays and partial deliveries. Shipping is just bonkers right now too.
A 99% built bike still can’t be ridden unfortunately.

So the next 6-9 months (and beyond maybe) will be tricky and require some ducking, diving and skilful manoeuvring all across the industry.

We (quite rightly) got our backsides smacked last year as our service levels fell to pieces.
But team Mango Bikes has learnt, grown and developed.

I’m super pleased with how the guys reacted, fixed issues and dealt with some pretty rough sailing.

Teams win.

– – – – – – – – – – –
So whilst we can’t really do much about the delays (I’ve tried crying, pleading, jumping up and down and doing a Get-Me-Some-Stuff dance) or shipping, there is plenty we can do.

Like awesome customer service.
And being super clear on bike lead time.
And most definitely more regular updates on order status and progress.

– – – – – – – – – – –
It’s also pretty exciting with what’s coming for Mango Bikes.
We’ve got some class new bikes on the way (already delayed, half arrived and partially delivered of course) and some belters in development.

Our stocks are currently pretty good (still plenty of empty shelves) and getting better over the next few weeks. There will be gaps and delays along the way but we’ll cope and make sure you know about them before, during and after purchase.

Thanks to those who’ve stuck with us. You champ’s make it worthwhile.

Mango Bikes // Andrew