Best Value Single Speed On The Market

Best Value Single Speed On The Market

Posted by James on 23rd Feb 2015

That's what Bike Radar and Urban Cyclist reckon anyway. Mango Bikes has the best value single speed out there! Today’s blog is here to help us back up that claim with a few facts. Since starting out in 2012 we have prided ourselves on providing a great quality bike without the price tag. Other brands brag about value, we back it up! At Mango Bikes we are focused on high quality, excellent customer service and great value for money. Let’s break those down and help you grasp how hard we are working.

So when you do invest in a new set of wheels they’ve got to roll nicely. Our bikes will, without fail, exceed your expectations. We don’t buy it in and slap a sticker on it. Unlike 90% of other brands every Mango Bike (single speeds and road bikes) is hand built at our MB HQ. This is almost unheard of within this price bracket! Having the bikes built here in the UK by our Cotswold bike mechanics we have a high quality control system. We take the time to check and double check your bike is running smoothly before boxing and sending it out to you. In the last two years our internal design team have been upgraded the bikes bit by bit. From your carefully designed comfortable frame geometry we have now upgraded the componentry to Chasewood branded parts, new sleek looking saddles and most importantly sealed bearing hubs!!!

You work hard for your money and you don’t part with it easily we know! Getting the most for your money is important. Whether you are looking for a new commuting machine or a stylish addition to your bike collection, our attractive fully customisable single speed bikes won’t break the bank. With our build quality, attention to detail and great customer service we could charge double what we’re currently charging! Most brands charging around £300 for a single speed bike would offer very little in the way of componentry. Not us. We have sourced quality components including: c-star brake sets, a durable Chasewood/KMC chain set and sealed bearing hubs so our wheels roll longer and smoother than even! Most brands offer riser bars on single speeds, maybe drop bars and rarely bullhorn bars. We at Mango Bikes offer the lot because we are awesome like that**. It’s your single speed you should design it not us!!

Customer service is the cornerstone of a successful brand. Great line I know. We take huge pride in looking after our customers before and after purchase. Tom ‘King of the mountains’ Denley is Head of Customer Service and will answer your calls and emails. Tom a cycling enthusiast knows the bike range back to front, whether you need help assembling your single speed or want some advice on riding fixed he is happy to help. When you buy an urban Mango bike you get a whole lot more for you money than you would expect.

That’s enough from me here’s what the press have to say about it… from BikeRadar. Our favourite quote from this review is “It’s bound to make you feel good every time you open the garage door”.

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