Bicycle Science Vol.2: Aerodynamics

Bicycle Science Vol.2: Aerodynamics

Posted by HasWords on 27th Mar 2021


Can you hear that? That’s you, slick. The wind hitting your helmet as you glide like a swan.


A bit like my breakfast if we keep this up for much longer, can’t keep the BS down.

The dark art of bike aerodynamics is a secret science that can hike your bike price by a mile, despite offering no real world rewards.

Are you built like the pro-rider that your expensive model was wind tunnel tested on? 

Great, you get an entire 4kw of extra power and save approximately 26.34 seconds, whenever you’re cycling for 6 hours at 40km/h.

Numbers you’ll never actually do, but hey who’s checking? Your accountant?

And for the rest of us, now body conscious bastards, it was always dust.

Bicycle Science Vol.2: Aerodynamics

Bike aerodynamics is prime BS, so why do wanna-be-pros talk about it so much?

Because aerodynamics has value on its own, it’s just that as the rider, you’re responsible for it - accounting for a whopping 70% of the total impact (more if you drank that ale and ate those crisps on Friday night, naughty boy Martin).

But oddly enough, that’s not mentioned in the sales blurb for top end bikes.

And by sales blurb we mean the BS

So while your bike won’t get you anywhere fast(er), you have the option of wearing a streamlined helmet and outfit, improving your posture, and drafting - all of which can cut your aero drag down by up to half.

Or you can ditch the whole lot and just ride a bike for fun, to work, or out for some leisurely fitness miles. Free from all the BS.

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