Bicycle Science Vol.3: Model Years

Bicycle Science Vol.3: Model Years

Posted by HasWords on 2nd Apr 2021

What’s my age again?

The year is 2021 and you’re proudly sporting your Mega-Pro-Evo-Rough-Rider hybrid, 2023 edition.

Yes, 2023.

You pull up at a red light and eagerly look around. You’re waiting for someone, anyone to ask.
You’re in the business of impressing people, and if this doesn’t do it, what will?

No one does, obviously, and you let out a laboured sigh.

Finally, you corner an unsuspecting guest in your corridor.

  • “2023? But that’s not for another 2 years… How would they know?”
  • “None of that matters, this is the latest model, and it’s got all this great stuff.”
  • “Oh ok. Can I just drop this off and go now? I’ve got delivery targets.”

Another sigh. Maybe when people are allowed to attend meetups again, you’ll go to one for bike people. That’s where you’ll find your crowd, surely.

Because you spent so much money to have this latest model, but even your dog sounds bored of hearing it by now.

- - - - -


He bought the BS and now can’t be reasoned with.

Or a new, new model needs to drop that he isn’t willing to upgrade to. And then he’ll see the error of his ways…


- - - - -

Bicycle Science Vol.3: Model Years

Keeping it simple is mega important for Mango Bikes.

In an industry riddled with BS that’s designed to confuse and hoodwink consumers, we’ve always proudly stood apart, calling it out where we see it.

If a colour works, we keep it. If it doesn’t, we get rid of it. Unless one of us likes it, in which case, we keep it anyway. Same goes with a new component or bike design. We constantly look for ways to improve our bikes, add more options, and offer exceptional value.

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