Bike Builder(s) Required

Bike Builder(s) Required

8th Sep 2020

You know those TV ads for The Royal Navy?

“If you can fix a bike, you can fix a car. And if you can fix a car you can fix a lorry. And if you can fix a lorry you can fix some giant, terrifying helicopter?” It loses something in translation.

Well, we’re not here to ask you to join The Navy. But if you can fix bikes, we’ve got a job with your name on it. So you can get as much satisfaction as the lad from the advert, with none of the implied danger.

Mango Bikes make awesome bikes for the masses. Affordable while at the same time, spec’d to outpace the more expensive brands. While standing up to the demands of real riding conditions.

To keep this up, we’re looking to hire an experienced Bike Builder. We’re a unique bike brand and you’ll find this reflected in the work you’ll do for us. We don’t sell the “box ready” bikes you might see somewhere else.

You’ll be building bikes for our customers while also helping us to develop new ones.

That means riding, as well as building and maintaining them, so you get to know and understand our bikes inside out and back to front. This includes putting the bikes under pressure by doing the things our customers do – like pulling wheelies and doing skids. So you can help us figure out how to improve each bike’s performance.

With over 6 million combinations, it’ll take a while for you to have 2 identical working days.

A CYCTECH qualification is useful though not essential. What’s more important is that you have a passion for bikes and experience in bike repairs and assembly, ideally in a busy workshop environment.

You’ll have the ambition to grow with our business, as well as the desire to delight customers with quality. You’ll also need the ability to spot problems, and the drive and initiative to suggest ways we can improve.

You’ll work from our Ballyclare HQ. The salary is £18,500 – with the potential to earn more based on company performance.

As well as this, there are various perks. Like good coffee (unless Michael makes it). Unlimited Haribo (just leave some for the customers). Not-Burrito-Fridays (we’ll explain if you’re shortlisted). And occasional nights out (when we’re allowed again).

Oh, and you’ll get your very own custom Mango bike. We’re horribly biased, but we really do think that’s the best perk of all.

We can’t tell you what you’ll be assembling next, but we know this is a cracking place to start.

So apply now, and we’ll make sure we take the time to respond.

Send us your CV and a few words to