Carbs v Carbon : Bike v Car

Carbs v Carbon : Bike v Car

Posted by HasWords on 23rd Mar 2022

CRANKY THOUGHTS: Edition1: Bikes v Cars

Inflammatory title, but based on fuel prices rather than who owns the road.

Here’s a quick and pretty conservative overview on how prices just rocket as fuel goes up.

It’s bonkers. Worst of all its realistic, for the foreseeable and beyond.

And doesn’t include insurance, tax, maintenance and all the other bejazzle that goes with owning a car. Like the crisps when you go to pay.


In cloud cuckoo land cars don’t exist. The reality is we need them, but definitely have to reduce our reliance on them. Which is feasible and totally realistic.

In the world of retail a bike is what known as a considered purchase. Highly unlikely to be an impulse buy, needs some time for thinking before deciding to go for it.

But consider this…

Swap 5, 10 or 15 miles driving to walking or cycling (bikes are better) and all of a sudden your wallet gives you the thumbs up.

But it’s not just financial gains to be had…

Kind of makes sense, right?

Whether it’s getting to work, school drop off, popping to the shops or meeting for coffee it all counts and helps.

Helps your wallet, helps your waistline and helps the planet.

And you’ll 100% be in a much better mood after even a 10 minute pedal. Guaranteed!


There’s millions and billions of options for sure, but really we only do two types of bikes.

Single Speed and Geared.

Hopefully the website is pretty easy to use and explains everything but if not just email or call +44 2828 16 3030

(Did I say it’s important to have lots of touch points???)

Buy a bike and you’ll recoup the savings in a few months, or it’s even easier to spread the cost with PayPal Credit, Klarna Buy Now Pay Later, Klarna Finance or Splitit.

You can own an amazing custom Mango for less than £15 per month.
And save £100’s while you’re at it.

Anyhow, thanks sticking it this far. Tough times ahead for us all.
Ride a bike, do some wheelies and smile.

I’d love to hear back from you.
Jokes welcome, praise bashfully accepted, suggestions appreciated, criticism likely to made into social media posts.

Don’t be shy, say hello, I’m only a little bit scary.

Ciao for now

Mango Bikes // Andrew