Cranky Thoughts: Vol9

Cranky Thoughts: Vol9

Posted by HasWords on 1st Dec 2022

Drinking coffee, working from home, going to a festival and riding a (Mango) eBike.

Stop reading now if you don’t want to know how they’re linked.


You live in the leafy ‘burbs, quiet little street with a picturesque green and the neighbours aren’t so bad.

Saturday morning elevenses with friends and the fam-bam. Catch up, good natter and see what grief wee Jimmy and co have caused this week.

Time for coffee; kettle boiled, biccy’s out and we’re good to go.

But whaaatttt? It’s INSTANT COFFEE.

Cheating, right?

- - - - -

A guy called Fred has a lovely house, amazing wifi and a super-tech laptop. He’s got a decent job that pays ok, some good perks and his boss is mostly dead on too.

Fred’s been in his job for about three years now and doing pretty well.

But whaaatttt? No commute or sitting in an office; he WORKS FROM HOME.

Cheating, right?

- - - - -

Doris saved up for the last seven or so years, got in a virtual queue for almost 4 weeks and somehow managed to get tickets for Glastonbury.

She’s mighty pleased as it’s her favorite bands this year and all her friends got tickets too.

But whaaatttt? Doris is GLAMPING.

Cheating, right?

- - - - -

Seems like you’ve got to be offended on behalf of someone else for some reason that’s really not so important. Like using instant coffee, working from home or glamping.

Or riding an eBike.

It’s cheating too, right?

Hands up, head hung in shame and apologies galore, I was a naysayer once too.

But then plenty changed, including my opinion of electric bikes.

They’ve been around for long enough now that we know a lot more and understand the rider (and environmental) benefits.

The perception that eBikes are “just mopeds with pedals” is totally wrong. For a start those types are illegal in UK and EU, and require license, insurance and registration.

But ride an electric bike and you soon understand that apart from being a lot of fun, you still put effort in. How much is up to you and the level of support offered on the bike. The Dee.Dee uses Bafang system which has 5 levels from minimal support at level 1 up to level 5 which means taking hills at ease.

>> eBikes get non-riders cycling!

The “purists” who love a good grumble about it being bike-cheating also forget it gets folk riding who otherwise shudder at the thought of cycling. No-miles to some-miles is absolutely amazing and probably the biggest barrier to overcome.

>> Short ride to longer ride!

And riders who usually do shorter distances have confidence and reassurance to tackle bigger hills and go a bit further. These rides start extending out from 3-5 miles to15+ miles. Another thumbs up for eBikes.

>> Some car replacement!

I own a bike company so must therefore run about with Father Ted + Dougal style placards demanding cars be abolished and got rid of. Nah, not really. Though a few less noobs driving them would be useful.

Cars have a part to play but our reliance on them as first choice or only mode of transport needs to do one. (“Down with this sort of thing”).
And ye olde eBikes do just that. Get to work sweat free, keep up with the kids on school run, pop to the shops, call to see friends, etc, etc, etc.

Bikes makes smiles, eBikes make the biggest cheesers you ever did see!

From that first tentative moment you mount the eBIke – “is this thing going to take off like a rocket?” – then press down on the pedals, ride off and feel that lovely gentle kick push you along, that ear-to-ear grin will just keep on coming.


Call me a coffee drinking, kitchen table working, caravan habiting, eBike riding cheater then.

Mango Dee.Dee is here for you’re viewing pleasure. And our newest eBike the Bee.Boo will drop very, very soon too.

Congratulations for not falling asleep and making it all the way through.

Happy Cycling

Mango Bikes // Andrew