EasyRide Box

EasyRide Box

11th Feb 2017

At the end of the summer we set about creating a new bike box. The brief was simple: GIVE THE CUSTOMER AS LITTLE ASSMEBLY WORK AS POSSIBLE

After throwing a few ideas around and a couple of consultations with packaging specialists, we created our first prototype.

As soon as it arrived we went to town on testing the structural integrity of the box. We carried out all the usual industry standard tests you’d expect to see in packaging testing: knocking it over, dropping it off a work bench, ramming it with a van, ramming it with a van (again, harder) and dropping it from 15ft it the warehouse. It’s all catalogued in this insta-banger.

In seriousness, the EasyRide box delivers exactly what we hoped, and there are genuine benefits above and beyond the standard box. Don’t get me wrong, the standard box works well – it protects the bike and gets it to the customer’s door as cost-effectively as possible. But the EasyRide box offers a bit more:

  • Roll out the box – both wheels are installed and spinning.
  • Attach the righthand pedal. This is the easy one, that tightens clockwise. The left pedal is already fitted.
  • Turn the bars so they’re facing forward and level.
  • Tighten the bars and stem using the 4/5mm allen keys provided.
  • Go ride.

It’s a big box, that’s for sure, and for that reason we can only send EasyRide boxes to UK mainland. Any orders further afield are shipped in our original boxing, which still does a great job of protecting your new bike and the assembly is straight forward – full and detailed instructions come with the bike.

The EasyRide box does cost more to produce and to ship, but we don’t make any money on these elements. In fact, we make a small loss in the knowledge that you’ll be on your Mango a bit quicker and with more ease. To us, it’s worth it.