Free Bike Servicing @ Mango Bikes HQ

Free Bike Servicing @ Mango Bikes HQ

Posted by Andyh on 19th Mar 2020

Mango Bikes – Free Bike Servicing

It’s a crazy, unprecedented and strange time for us all. For society, for business and for individuals.

Most importantly, it means making significant changes to our routines and habits, but as a business, we need to help where we can as well.

We’re a wee bit biased, but bicycles are a great invention.

How else have they lasted so long and remained popular through decades of changing trends, fashions and styles?
Bikes have solved various societal problems, and many issues have been resolved while riding a bike.

How to Contact Us:
  • Call 02828 16 3030
  • Email (Subject: Free Bike Service)
  • Ping us a message via Live Chat on the website

But now, more than ever, they provide a simple solution in difficult times.

  • They’ll allow us to remain mobile under restricted conditions
  • Personal space and social distancing can be respected and maintained
  • Hygiene standards upheld and contamination risks minimised

So we’d like to help get more bicycles back in action around our hometown and surrounding areas. Even (shame on you) non-Mango Bikes………..

Free Bike Servicing at Mango Bikes HQ in Doagh

We’ll get the cogs turning, gears shifting and the squeaks humming as pleasantly as possible. Where it’s cables to replace, brake pads to change or other small things, we’ll absorb the cost. If it’s a bigger job or needs parts, we’ll make sure to talk to you before doing anything and prices will be rock bottom.

Labour costs will be precisely £0

We’ll need to manage and control this to make sure our staff and customers remain as protected as possible. NHS staff, Care Workers, those using their bike to help deliver essentials to neighbours and relatives and those commuting to work will get priority. But we’ll get everyone cycling who needs our help.

Get in touch before bringing your bike down to the warehouse in Doagh

If you think you’re at risk or anxious about being out, we’ll arrange a slot early or later in the day when normally closed.

If you are unable to leave the house right now, we can collect and deliver your bike.

Stay safe, keep positive and look out for each other

Mango Bikes // Andrew

Mango Bikes, Unit 2 Doagh Business Park, Kilbride Road, Ballyclare, BT39 0QA
(We’re the unit right next door to Need for Speed Go Kart track)