How is buying a bike like trimming your beard?

How is buying a bike like trimming your beard?

Posted by HasWords on 26th Jul 2021

I know, I know… Sounds like the kind of pseudo-intellectual conversation starter you’d see at a roundtable for disaffected hipsters. But this can also be a serious question.

Deadly serious.

As you can see in Figure A, something seemingly simple like trimming a beard has every possibility of going wrong if poorly handled. Or in my case, sacrificed for the good of the point I’m making (would you judge me harsher if this were true?)

Points to note:

  1. There is no beard (kind of good)
  2. There is only one eyebrow (not good)

Alas, I should’ve left it to the professionals. I read somewhere that success is just a collection of failures that have been bluffed through and gotten over, so hopefully, the same mistakes won’t be repeated.


The value of making mistakes is in the part where learning happens—and that learning is then launched headlong into the next, smarter (still hoping), attempt at success.

At Mango, we know about bikes. And we’ve made mistakes over the last 10ish years. That’s how we learned a thing or two about what we’re good at, and why we’re always pushing to be better.

So, in a quick recap that’s got nothing to do with my missing eyebrow:

  • We make fun bikes—because that’s what bikes should be.
  • Without the BS—it’s just not needed.
  • All painted and assembled at Mango Bikes HQ in the UK

And, as much as we love to have fun, there are things we’re pretty tight on:

  • Customisation
  • Quality
  • Value

We only partner with good brands, excellent factories and use the best components we can. Not the latest, flashiest, and pointlessly expensive ones—but solid, tried-and-true, no-nonsense components to fuel your fun without fail.

Our mechanics are fully-qualified with years of experience (and 1000s of bikes) under their figurative aprons. So, when it comes to finding your next ride—don’t go it alone. You could lose an eyebrow. Customise your dream bike on our site and you’ll get our experience, skills, and tools for the job.

Because at Mango bikes, we’re always happy to get you onto the saddle, trimmed just how you like it.

Happy Cycling

Mango Bikes // Andrew