Introducing Point AR

Introducing Point AR

Posted by James on 17th Sep 2015

Our brand new Point AR model opens up new trails and new fun for you. Designed to cover everything from potholed city tarmac, rough country roads, canal paths and short cuts through the woods, the Point AR and FR copes brilliantly with everything and leaves you to enjoy the ride more than ever before. An all-road, multi-surface, multi-use bike. Fast on the road, traction on the rough stuff and nimble in the city. Equipped with Avid disc brakes, 32c tyres, aluminium frame, carbon fibre forks and Shimano drivetrain. The AR is one of the most versatile bikes on the market!

  • 6061 Alu frame with Super Smooth welds and internal cable routing.
  • Carbon fibre fork with mudguard mounts.
  • Shimano, FSA, Avid components.
  • Three year warranty and hassle free returns.
  • Shipped worldwide with UPS.
  • Super friendly and helpful customer service team.
  • Easy assembly with tools provided.

An all-road, multi-surface, multi-use bike, that gives more control and comfort than any model we’ve ever made before. Larger sized 32c fast rolling tyres give incredible comfort, traction and control on rough surfaces, whilst powerful and efficient Avid disc brakes mean you’re always in control, whatever the road ahead throws at you. Whether you’re looking for speed on the open road, traction on a gravel track or jumping up and down curbs on your commute, the AR (All-Road) has it covered!

It’s not just about tyres and brakes either - from its high tech carbon fibre front fork, to its hand welded aerospace aluminium frame with incredible strength to weight ratio, the Point AR gives you confidence at all speeds, with handling that works for beginner and advanced riders alike. The frame is equipped with fittings for racks or mudguards, meaning it’s useable all year round and one of the best winter bikes on the market!