Mango Bikes & Deliveroo rider facing "The Toughest Footrace on Earth" for charity

Mango Bikes & Deliveroo rider facing "The Toughest Footrace on Earth" for charity

Posted by James on 7th Apr 2017

I have a theory of getting busy living, or get busy dying...

Adam Ball, 27, is an Engineer by day, and an adrenaline-fuelled go-getter with a cause by night. Signing up as a Deliveroo rider in December 2016, Adam decided to donate 100% of his earnings as a food courier to charity—"... but it’s not the craziest thing I’m doing this year." Adam has used his evening and Deliveroo rides as part of a committed training regime to run in "The Toughest Footrace on Earth" this month.

Deliveroo Adam owns a Mango Single Speed and Point AR, but gave Point R a spin for this pic!

Deliveroo He's non-stop!

For those who haven't heard of it, the Marathon Des Sables is a 6 day event that covers 156 miles of some of the most gruelling terrain imaginable. Adam will be running through endless rolling dunes and across rocky mountain tops where temperatures regularly reach 50°C. If that isn't enough, the MDS is a self-supported event, meaning entrants need to carry everything that they require for the week on their own backs. Even water is rationed; exceeding the defined ration results in time penalties.

I've never not been given an opportunity as a child, so I think it's oly fair to give it back to others who haven't. That's why I'm doing it for Hope For Children.

Check out the video below to hear a little more about the challenge from the man himself. Follow the orange link at the bottom of this page to donate to Hope For Children and support Adam's adventure. We wish him all the best!

Support Adam and donate to Hope For Children