Mango Bikes: Just About the Colours?

Mango Bikes: Just About the Colours?

Posted by Andyh on 9th Feb 2020

Here’s Why It IS All About The Colours
(For Mango Bikes Customers anyway)

If you can’t explain what you’re doing to a 5 year old (in one or two sentences and under 30 seconds) then it’s all a bit confusing and you’re probably bullshitting a little bit. Or a big bit.

So, either figure out what you’re on about or realise that you’re just a rose feed producer.

“Mango Bikes, are just about the colours”

We hear this plenty. Mostly from the brands, bike designers and cyclists who feel they are “a bit above” our bikes. For sure.

But here’s the thing………..

WE LOVE IT when people say we’re just about the colours!

    • It’s what differentiates us in a crowded market
    • Same old-same old isn’t going to get us far against the big boys and crap, cheap bikes
    • Most importantly, Mango Bikes don’t just choose 1 or 2 colours and styles on your behalf – it’s your bike so you decide – read more here to find out how and why
    • In a kind of Theseus Ship scenario (except none of the old parts remain) all the bikes in the range have been completely overhauled in the last 2 years
    • Rather than try to compete on price with poorly spec’d and badly built bikes, we’ve focussed on value and quality
    • Mango Bikes come fitted with components from the world’s biggest brands and the factories that manufacture for them too, all built to order at HQ in Ballyclare
    • As well as colours there are lots of style and parts options too
    • From wheel upgrades to handlebar styles, crankset and tyre choices we want to make it easy (and fun) for you to design the bike you want

Let’s use a wee bit of mathematics to explain………………take the Custom Single Speed for example

Put together all the options of 42 wheels, 22 tyres, 12 frames (colour only not sizes), 12 forks, 6 handlebars, 10 grips/bar tapes, 9 pedals, 9 chains and 10 saddles………….and what do you get?

Just under 6.5 MILLION possible combinations.

“Just” indeed.

Not bad for a company that’s “just about the colours”.

And that’s just the Custom Single Speed!

But really what does all that mean? 
Do Mango Bikes customers know or care about the Miche cranksets or full Shimano groupsets or WTB tyres or…………… (you get the idea) which we’ve worked hard to source and spec on the bikes?

Quite simply, in most cases, do they ‘eck care or know. Bonus if you do but zero problemo if not.

Mango Bikes customers can happily work on the assumption that all the stuff they don’t know about (crankset brand, tyre manufacturer, gears maker, etc) are some of the best in the world and they can get on with worrying about the important stuff.

Like bullhorns or riser bars, 8 gears or 10, red frame and black forks or visa versa.
There’s at least one afternoon in work playing on the Customiser to get through the 6.5 million combinations…………

Mango Bikes – Just About the Colours?**


Happy Cycling

Mango Bikes // Andrew

**explained to several 5 year olds in under 25 seconds

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