Match Made in Heaven: Mango Bikes + fettle

Match Made in Heaven: Mango Bikes + fettle

Posted by HasWords on 10th Sep 2021

New Bike Day just got even better.

You want buying a bike to be fun, that’s why you choose Mango bikes.

Our new website was launched in 2021, unveiling the slick and sexy bike customiser that allows you to explore millions of combinations, styles, and colours. It’s easy to design your perfect bike - to ride to work, get fit, or simply have a good time.

fettle. is London's fastest growing and most progressive bike repair network, offering hassle free servicing and total peace of mind for riders. Blending old-school expertise with tech-led service innovation, they’re here to reinvent repair, put service back into servicing, and lead bike maintenance into a new era.

At Mango, we’re full steam ahead on our mission to make buying bikes easy and accessible for everyone. That’s why we’re teaming up with the fabulous fettle, whose fully trained mechanics can handle that final bit of assembly, then deliver your bike ready to ride. The rollout starts with customers in London (Zones 1 to 3) and will include other regions as fettle expands their reach throughout the UK.

  1. Order through the Mango Bikes website
  2. We’ll send your bike to fettle who’ll do the final assembly
  3. Your fully built, custom bike gets delivered to your home or workplace in one beautiful piece

You’ll get updates and progress along the way, from us as your bike is being built, and fettle as they arrange your delivery.

Jump on and off you go. It’s easy as riding a bike