Meet the team – George

Meet the team – George

29th Jan 2017

Officially he’s Warehouse + Production Manager. Unofficially he’s team comedian. G started with us as a bike builder not long after the business started. He was part of the original crew before he flew off the Oz for a year. There he “found himself” and quickly found his way back to us.

Q. Favourite food?
A. A big greasy burger, or a proper curry.

Q. What was the most fun thing you did last week?

A. I started playing rugby again for the first time in a long time

Q. Where’s your favourite place to ride?

A. When I was in Oz I used to ride in to work each day. The ride itself wasn’t amazing – just a couple of miles – but the weather was always perfect. Shorts and a vest.

Q. Would you rather get attacked by 10 duck-size bears, or one bear-size duck?

A. A bear-sized duck, every day. Just chuck it a loaf or two of bread and do a runner. Easy!

Q. Favourite Mango?

A. My Point R. Neon, Tiagra groupset and Vision Team 30 wheels. Love it!

Q. Did you find yourself whilst travelling?

A. Oh shut up!