Not Your Cheap Ride

Not Your Cheap Ride

Posted by HasWords on 27th Jul 2021

We've got a choice on how Mango Bikes is presented and run.

Fight on price.  Or fight on quality and value.

But Mango Bikes cannot offer all three at once.

No brand or product can.

- - - - -

There's a problem with the race to the bottom; winning the race.

It means cutting costs and hammering suppliers until they can go no further.  Then someone else steps out of the shadows and offers to go cheaper.

So we only work with the best suppliers and producers that we've known and trusted for years.

Working direct with them, and selling direct to you, means every Mango Bike is made with top quality parts and packed with value.

And of course don't forget customisation like not many (any?) other bike brands can even come close to.

- - - - -

That bike in your shed you never bothered to fix.  Gave you a sore bum and had you wondering when this starts to get fun.

Because fresh from the factory never really fits.

But you’re not going to have to sell your sofa either.

I am… Beauty. Comfort. Value.

In a style and design that’s all yours, I’m made to command your attention. Materials that go the distance.

Looks good. Feels good. Performs.

Colours, colours, all the colours. Ok, maybe not all, but more than you can count. You can make a fresh bike every day for 10 years, and still have new combos to explore.

As you play with my possibilities, I’ll come to life before your eyes. A pleasure, like bike shopping should be.

But I’m not your cheap ride.
Make me just right and we’ll stay tight.