Point AR 105 – Tune Up

Point AR 105 – Tune Up

14th Oct 2016

This week Point AR that takes the lime light. A rightful tune up for the revered adventure bike. Along with it’s sister model the Point R, Point AR has been upgraded to full 105. This is shocking news for its competitors as the model has consistently out performing the competition. Reviewed best in test by Grit CX and approved by Transcontinental racers this summer, needless to say the future’s bright for Point AR.

Whats changed?

A split groupset has given way to full Shimano 105 as well as three excellent tyre options and an improved 11-32 gear ratio. There is so much character to Point AR. A complete commuter solution that doubles as your winter training bike or gravel explorer. You’ll be late for work, your boss might be angry but who cares!? Life’s too short to ride a crap bike to work.

So here it is again incase you missed it. Point AR FULL 105