Top 10 Maintenance Tips

Top 10 Maintenance Tips

Posted by James on 22nd Aug 2014

While cycling can be fun, you need to ensure your bike is well looked after on a regular basis. Standard maintenance tips and tricks will not only keep the bike in good condition, but its lifespan can be dramatically extended. Thankfully, the majority of these techniques are quite easy. Here are our top ten tips to keep your Mango bike in working order.

1. Check Tyre Pressure Interestingly enough, over-inflated tyres are at an equal risk of becoming flat as those which are low on pressure. It is therefore necessary to check the pressure of the tyre with a gauge and make certain that it matches the recommended level.

2. Brake pads should have grooves Pads that are worn will not display any grooves. If this is the case, they should be replaced as soon as possible.

3. Keep the bike chain clean Keeping the chain free from rust, dirt and debris will extend its lifespan. This is very important for single speed bikes and fixed gear bikes. The chain can be easily maintained with a toothbrush and a can of lubricant.

4. Do you have squeaky brakes? This can be a hint that dirt has gotten in between the pad and the rim. Cleaning these two areas will help to provide a smooth braking action while extending the lifespan of the pads themselves.

5. Tightening Brake Lines If a brake handle is squeezed and it needs to be pulled until it is nearly touching the handlebar, the line needs to be tightened. This can happen with continued use; particularly when riding bikes on dirt trails. With the use of an Allen key, the screw can be loosened and the line can be pulled so that there is no visible slack.

6. Lubricate regularly Any area where metal touches metal should be lubricated once a month or twice if the bike is used often. This will help to prevent rust while making certain that the parts will not become worn.

7. Check your wheels Placing your Mango bike upside down and viewing the wheels as they turn is also important. If they don’t turn straight, it is likely that the length of the spokes needs to be adjusted. This can be performed by using a spoke key or taking the bike to a repair shop.

8. Where do you store your bike? Bikes should be stored in a location that is free from humidity and where temperatures do not vary greatly. This will help to prevent rust and damage to the tyres.

9. Give your bike a wipe down The mechanisms of both single speed bikes and fixed gear bikes can fall victim to the elements. After cycling in the rain or even the snow, make certain to wipe away any moisture to prevent rust from developing.

10. Check you can be seen Many modern bikes will be equipped with a headlamp. Check the lamp for any moisture that may be present behind the glass. This is a signal that a gasket has become compromised. To avoid the light failing, it is best to purchase a replacement.

Check out our range of accessories to keep your Mango bike is good condition. If you have any questions, contact the team at Mango bikes on 028 2816 3030.