Bicycle Science Vol.5: Customisation

Bicycle Science Vol.5: Customisation

Posted by HasWords on 7th May 2021

Finally, you’re buying your dream bike.
It’s all yours, honest.
You can adjust the seat height and everything.

Did you think we’d just assemble it according to your wants and needs? How cute.

This is a bike shop, Barry, not a charity.

Despite the marketing suggesting something very different, your expensive bike actually arrives pre-built, so you’ll get whatever specification the manufacturer decides will fit the most people, unless you pay for a custom upgrade.

Box in, box out is easy you see.

And if those people aren’t you, which evidently they’re not, then you’ll just have to swivel - won’t you? What do you mean there’s no room?

So, if you’d like different handlebars, or anything different than what someone else, far away, decided you were having a long time ago, that’s going to cost you.

Now do you want that colour option, or not? Great, that’s £150 please. No, we haven’t quoted you for changing the handlebars, yet.

Bicycle Science Vol.5: Customisation

Bike customisation is a foundational part of what we offer here at Mango Bikes. We don’t think it’s right that customisation is positioned as a benefit, then presented as a cheeky upsell. 

In fact, we think it stinks.

Can you smell it? It’s a big steaming pile of BS… Made just for you (for a fee).

We also sell upgrades. But they’re real upgrades, things you’ll know are worth paying extra for - like puncture resistant tyres. See how that’s a far cry from choosing the colour and style of your own bike?

So, customisation is not just a fancy word that we drop in to pretend you get a choice. If you buy your bike with us, you’ll get 100% customisation, over 6 million potential combos, at no extra cost. 

Your bike, your rules.

Just because we make great bikes, it doesn’t mean we know how your bike should look and feel. That’s why we make every bike to order here at Mango Bikes HQ.

Start creating, here.