How to quick-clean your Mango like a pro

James / 21st Feb 2017

During these winter months there's no escaping it. What starts as a lovely ride inevitably ends up as a sweaty, muddy mess, and the last thing you want to do when you get home is clean the bike. Unfortunately, shortly after your ride is probably going to be the best time to clean your bike, however it needn't take long, or be a chore. Just 5 minutes and the right gear will help to make your trusty stead live longer, with less chance of problems. Who knows—you might find it therapeutic!

Today's short post is aimed at helping those with less time wash their bike after a day in the saddle quickly to keep it going strong!


Prepare the following:

  • A big bucket of warm soapy water. (we definitely recommend using Muc-Off, however we'll let you get away with using washing liquid whilst you wait for your Muc Off order to be delivered. There are many benefits to using a proper bike cleaner.)
  • A couple standard car washing sponges
  • A soft dry cloth for giving the bike a wipe down after
  • Chain lube (again we are using Muc-Off's Wet Lube because its always raining here!)
  • I’ve also got a hose to wash the soapy water off later but a bucket of clean water will do the same job!


Start by removing all your accessories on your bike whether that be a tool bag or some lights. Get them off so you can get into the places where they sit. Start by soaking your bike with clean water, just wet the whole thing by rinsing out a clean sponge over the top.

Now's the time to get bubbly. Grab you sponge and soak up that soapy water. We've poured some of the Muc-Off bike cleaner because we're lazy, but for a more complete effort, spray it all over the bike and in all of the nooks and crannies. Starting at the top of your bike with a sponge and really clean thoroughly, don't be afraid to really cover the bike. 

Starting at the top is important, so that your dirty water doesn't run back down any clean surfaces.

Now—if you're only going to clean one part of the bike, it should be the chain. Show the chain some care by really giving it some attention with the sponge, before we re-apply proper lubrication. 

There's no alternative to a good chain lubricant. Apply to the chain and make sure that all moving parts are evenly coated. Wipe excess away with a cloth, as this will just attract dirt. 

Now that your bike is clean and lubricated, you can have a quick wipe down with a dry cloth. This is the time to spritz a bit of polish if you'd like to, just to keep it looking a bit nicer for longer.


That really didn't take too long now did it? Time to fire up the kettle, or crack open a cold one, and marvel at your good work. Your future you will be thankful when you take your bike out for the next ride.

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